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The project was to breath life into this 1686 cottage that had been poorly repaired and extended.

This once beautiful property still retained some of its original charm and character was suffering badly from decay.

After stripping away all the cemantiscious repairs, taking the cottage back to its bare structure, substantial repairs and alterations were undertaken using traditional materials. Re-pointed in lime mortar and plastered inside with lime render under a lime wash and yellow ochre finish to provide a fully breathable wall structure with no chemical damp proofing in the original building and using modern construction methods (in lime) to build a new extension.

Modern bathrooms with under floor heating and piped music system, solid wood kitchen with granite work surface and the general use of reclaim materials throughout, this project was a challenge but also very rewarding.

"This property is a shining example. Mrs Bacon says you have to "Love imperfection" meaning the cottage is full of character with curves instead of straight lines but actually I think you will agree with me that living in this property is more about absolute perfection!"
- Caroline Culot, Eastern Daily Press

Before & After

The Old Pump House, Cromer Road, Metton, Norfolk, NR11 8QX - 01263 768072 - office@rjbacon.co.uk

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